Protecting And Serving Marketplaces Since 1953

AIA protects the integrity of the marketplace by guaranteeing payments and transferring the risk of fraud losses to an experienced and trusted partner.

Auction Insurance Agency - Livestock


Payment insurance specifically designed for livestock auction markets. Every year, good stockyards fall victim to their own customers. Just a few cents could save your hide.

Auction Insurance Agency - Automotive


Payment and Title Insurance provides protection against payment defaults and title fraud while allowing access to industry-leading loss prevention and underwriting.

Auction Insurance Agency - Resolutions


Online customers have increasingly high expectations and with those expectations come higher demands upon online marketplaces. AIA’s customized arbitration and buyer protection programs help you deliver a competitive edge.

About AIA

Protection. Service. Integrity. These are the principles that guide us in everything we do. We are a trusted name in the automotive, livestock and e-commerce auction industries because we strive to exceed expectations and deliver high-level services through payment and title guarantees, fraud protection, risk mitigation, B2B arbitration and C2C dispute resolution.

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What some of our clients are saying...

“AIA is one of our most valuable partners at Wythe County Livestock Exchange. They are always there to protect us against major losses. The cattle industry is very fortunate to have AIA as a partner.”

Mike AndersonWythe County Livestock Exchange

“I cannot imagine running one auction much less six auctions without AIA on our team. There has never been one time that I called on them and they didn’t immediately respond and help me resolve my problems. It is a pleasure to do business with Auction Insurance.”

David AndrewsDealer’s Auto Auction Group

“Our relationship with Auction Insurance is irreplaceable. The knowledge and value they bring to the industry is second to none. We couldn’t imagine doing business without our partnership with AIA.”

Jerry BarkerGreensboro Auto Auction